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Vision Statement

A caring family of happy learners

Our Vision:                 A caring family of happy learners

Our Values:

Care – We care for ourselves, each other and the environment

Respect - We respect each other’s views, culture, religions and rights

Collaboration – We learn together

Aspiration- We aspire to be the best we can be

Challenge – We aim to think creatively and face challenges with a positive attitude

  The purpose of the plan is to provide:

  • a means for school leaders to state how they seek to achieve, or move towards, the vision
  • a link between the school’s  vision and the actions contained in the school’s annual School Development Plan (SDP)
  • a means of tracking the progress towards the vision over a longer period of time (3-5 years)
  • a means of communication with a variety of audiences (e.g. Ofsted, parents, LA etc.) regarding what the school is seeking to achieve, and how.