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Sport Premium Funding

For the academic year 2017-18 the government increased the amount of money that it offered schools to support PE and school sport. The specific aim of this is to support children to lead healthy, active lives.

The children at Oakdale have all taken part in competitive sport as a result of this funding. We have greatly increased our Out of School Hours provision (sports clubs). Staff have received support in teaching effective PE lessons and the PE co-ordinator has received support in his role.

There has been a carry forward this year and this money has been earmarked to improve provision at break times and lunchtimes when the building work is completed next year. A plan is in place for this and will be published on the website in September.

For specific details of how the money was spent, and to see the impact this has had please read the PE and Sport Premium Spending Review below. The PE and Sport Premium Action Plan shows the key areas that the PE co-ordinator has focused on in his role to ensure more children leave Oakdale with a better chance of leading active, healthy lives.

For more information on the Government’s funding offer please click on the following link: Guidelines for PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools.

Swimming cannot be paid for through this funding, although top up swimming lessons can be provided in addition to our curriculum offer. For further information on swimming in primary schools click the following link. Swim England research into Swimming in Primary Schools.