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School Development Priorities

We are constantly striving to improve the education of your children at Oakdale.  

Our Vision:                 A caring family of happy learners

Our Values:

Care – We care for ourselves, each other and the environment

Respect - We respect each other’s views, culture, religions and rights

Collaboration – We learn together

Aspiration- We aspire to be the best we can be

Challenge – We aim to think creatively and face challenges with a positive attitude


The purpose of the plan is to provide:

  • a means for school leaders to state how they seek to achieve, or move towards, the vision
  • a link between the school’s  vision and the actions contained in the school’s annual School Development Plan (SDP)
  • a means of tracking the progress towards the vision over a longer period of time (3-5 years)
  • a means of communication with a variety of audiences (e.g. Ofsted, parents, LA etc.) regarding what the school is seeking to achieve, and how.

To achieve these long term goals, we produce a School Development Plan as part of an ongoing process of evaluation and review.  We must also look forward and adapt to changes in education, such as the new National Curriculum and Assessment systems.  Through this process we identify annual priorities for school improvement which form the basis of the Plan.

This year these are:  

Oakdale Primary School Development Plan Priorities 2021.22

Writing: To improve the attainment at Exp and GD standard to above national 

GD writing gap is closed to GD reading

Reading: To improve the progress and attainment of vulnerable readers in each cohort to enable them to access the full curriculum

Phonics: Maintain national figures or above for phonics screening test in Year 1 and 2 

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: In line with National at Exp and GD

Curriculum: Foundation Leaders have excellent knowledge of provision in their subjects across the school.

Maths: To maintain above National outcomes at the expected and greater depth standard