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School Development Priorities

We are constantly striving to improve the education of your children at Oakdale.  Our long term strategy is to ensure that:

  • Teaching is good to outstanding
  • Children make good or outstanding progress in order to achieve their potential
  • Our curriculum is creative, inclusive and inspiring and produces resilient, enthusiastic learners
  • Our learners are challenged and encouraged to achieve as individuals preparing them for their roles as active citizens in modern Britain
  • Behaviour demonstrates care, co-operation and respect for all
  • Leaders at all levels work together to promote the highest standards
  • The environment is vibrant, supportive and safe
  • Parents/carers, other schools and the wider community are engaged to provide high quality learning opportunities

To achieve these long term goals, we produce a School Development Plan as part of an ongoing process of evaluation and review.  We must also look forward and adapt to changes in education, such as the new National Curriculum and Assessment systems.  Through this process we identify annual priorities for school improvement which form the basis of the Plan.

This year these are:  

Oakdale Primary School Development Plan Priorities 2018.9


TARGET: Raise attainment at Greater Depth in mathematics in end of Key Stage statutory outcomes Expected 77% Greater Depth 23%

2018/19 Increase progress from EYFS in mathematics from 87% expected to 93%

Objective 1: To develop teaching for mastery across the school

Success criteria: Increase the number of children accessing greater depth to 23% for each cohort

Objective 2: To improve the teaching and learning of arithmetic

Success criteria: Increase percentage to national or above (previously 79%) for KS2 Paper 1. Increase the average percentage of all cohorts in arithmetic in the end of year test from their baselines.


TARGET: Embed and refine new approaches to Reading and Writing to continue to improve and maintain standards


Year 2: Reading Exp: 77%, GD: 27% Writing Exp: 70%, GD: 20%

Year 6: Reading Exp: 77%, GD: 33% Writing Exp: 80%, GD: 20%

Objective 1: a) Further develop approaches to the teaching of phonics and early reading skills to raise the number of pupils achieving the expected level in Y1 PCT, b)Continue to embed Book Talk across school c) Ensure gaps in reading skills are addressed rapidly so all pupils make good progress in Reading

Objective 2: Improve the teaching and learning of Writing specifically in KS1

Vision and Values

Engage the school community in the further development of our school vision and ethos to support change management


Curriculum content and delivery is creative, challenging and promotes our school values of care, respect, aspiration, challenge and collaboration