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School Day

Doors open at 8.35am where children come in and go to their classes accompanied by a parent/carer, children can be left in the class at this time as a teacher will be present. Parents are expected to leave by 8.50am when a bell is rung. Doors to school will be closed and if children arrive after this time parent/carer will need to sign in and give reasons for being late. Doors and gates at school are locked during the day.

8.35am Doors open

8.50am Registration

9.20am Assembly (unless a class assembly which start at 9am)

10.40am Playtime

12.30-1.30pm Lunchtime

2.30-2.45pm KS1 playtime

3.30pm School ends

At the end of the day parents are asked to wait for their child on the playground. When the teacher sees you she/he will send your child out to meet you.

Children in Years 5 and 6 can walk home, but we need a signed consent form.