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Oakdale Care Club

At Oakdale we offer what can be a very important service for some parents and families. We are a registered Charity. Registered Charity Number : 1150154. Ofsted Number : 256795

We run a before school and after school care club. We are also open during the school holidays, all of the half terms (February, May and October) Easter and some of the Summer Holidays but checked the opening dates and times, which is below this page to see which weeks they are. We are not open during the Christmas holiday. We offer a variety of activities, during the school holidays, we take the children out on day trips. These have included  Bowling, Ferry Meadows, Great Fen, Hunstanton ,Hamerton Zoo ad Shepreth Wildlife Park. Check out the photos by clicking on the Holiday Time tab on the right hand side.

If you would like your child to attend either before or after school then please read through the Care Club Booklet at the bottom of this page for all the information you might need. Alternatively, come into school and speak to either Mrs. Letts (Care Club Manager) or Mrs. Haynes (Deputy Care Club Manager).