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Changes to Assessment

As you are aware the Government decided not to introduce a new standardised assessment system across the country, instead schools are now required to use their own on-going assessment systems to track the progress children in their school are making.  

Our main aim has been to ensure our curriculum covers the skills needed to ensure success under the new regime as well as developing positive learning behaviours which encourage independence and personal challenge. It was also vital to develop a system which staff, children and parents all understand.

With this in mind we have adapted familiar systems that allow children to track their own progress and identify what they need to do next to improve. The school council was tasked with creating pupil friendly terms which we could use in school to talk about attainment that also linked to our tracking system. They voted for their favourites before sharing the outcome with the school. They chose acorn, sapling and oak tree. The table below explains how this works:

Guidance for parents on National Curriculum Assessment

End of year…

Well below expectation

Below expectations

National expectation

Above expectation



(Not yet achieving Early Learning Goals)


(Early Learning Goals)


(Working on National Curriculum levels)

Year 1-6

Your child is working below the expected range


Your child is working well within the expected range for their age


Your child has a strong understanding of the concepts taught this year and has been working on extension activities to further develop their problem-solving skills (mastery)

Oakdale Terms



Oak Tree

The strength of the new curriculum is that every child has the opportunity to become an oak tree within individual sessions or at key assessment points. Groupings are now more fluid to recognise that whilst a child might not understand number in maths they have a good understanding of shape and therefore need to access different work to cater for their needs.