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Sir Harry Smith

Sir Harry Smith Friday 9th October 2015

On Friday 9th October year 6 were lucky enough to visit Sir Harry Smith Community College to take part in an exciting afternoon of science investigation.
Linked to our current learning about materials, the children started off by impressing Mr Barker with their knowledge of solids, liquids and gasses.
Working in small groups we worked on separating materials. Sand, salt and gravel were mixed with water and then decanted into a beaker through a sieve. We watched to see which particles separated. After this we had to filter the water through filter paper, into a conical flask. Then we got the chance to use Bunsen burners.

"When we went to Sir Harry Smiths for our science afternoon, our teacher for the lesson was Mr Barker. He made our science lesson really fun and enjoyable. My favourite part of the afternoon was when we got to use the Bunsen Burner to separate the salt from the water"  Shannon Omar Yr6

Check out our photo gallery to see the fun.